Economic Justice

a real, actual, concrete, just solution

Note: the solution can never be less profound than the problem is.


The solution to our economic problems, including the problem of economic justice, is a revolutionary monetary system.


In this country we have changed our monetary system at least a half-dozen times, counting the times we have or have not had a central bank and the times we have or have not used gold or silver in the monetary system.


It is too much to explain here. If interested, see


With this monetary system there could be no recessions and no (involuntary) unemployment or poverty (without redistributing anything), and taxes would no longer be needed to fund government (which would get funded--as fully as at present--as part of the structure of the monetary system). Inflation would be the only possible macroeconomic problem, but the system would have built-in safeguards against it, it would receive our undivided economic attention, and preventing prices from rising, whatever it took, would be in the self-interest of everyone (or at a minimum do no one any harm).


There would be no need for fiscal or monetary policy to 'manage' the economy: it would become the self-regulating thing it is supposed to be in theory. (All previous monetary systems have gotten in the way of that.)



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